Thursday, 11 July 2013


by Petr

I took this photo by Olympus pen EE3.

actually over the wall 'Naked Museum' is building now.
i had no idea what kind of art will be able to see in there at that time.
i did not visit there yet after built.i will go there near day.
when you visit Korea i am sure that you will not regret when you go this town 
and around this Museum are lots to see and good  cafe~Delicious~
this town is near Blue House where President lives also Korean Palace which '경복궁' the most famous.

Anyway i am very looking forward about to go there.
Just worry that there are might be some rule which 
"you have to take off your clothes if you want to come in.."
hope not..?? why not?? 

when i took this photo..
to be honestly i have seen her everything.... XD 
because someone had broken the tree which cover her!! XD

thanks enjoy wiht my photo.~ ;) 
hope to see you again~ :D